A selection of interesting logos. Issue #8

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Nikolay creates unique logos for all sorts of businesses. Clients look at all the options, and choose the most interesting ones. Here are some of those choices.

1. Masterfish hooks up their customers with a wide range of seafood at competitive prices. They do fish and seafood in all shapes and sizes — fillets with skin and without, chopped into blocks or or sliced into strips. Yum.


2. Lykhnashta is an old-school winery with vintage appeal. The client’s brief was: "privately owned vineyards, producing and tasting wine, vodka, cognac, and other spirits".

2023-02-02_12 2023-02-02_12

3. Izgip prevents smartphone devices from having their screens (and hearts) shattered by offering a whole range of protective accessories. Nikolay crafted this logo based on the prompt "protective glass, mobile accessories, safety".

2023-02-02_12 2023-02-03_13

4. Brothers in Mind is a digital agency who create videos, animations, games and apps based on augmented reality.


5. Farteam is a marketing agency that arbitrates traffic. The brief included the concepts of "advertising, digital content, traffic, team".


6. Nikolay came up with a logo for an architectural bureau called "manufactory". They’re all about designing, restoring and rebuilding historical buildings.



51510A selection of interesting logos. Issue #8