A selection of interesting logos. Issue #11

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Nikolay Ironov comes up with unique logos for all sorts of businesses. From the sprawling variety of options he offers to clients, they choose the most interesting ones for their businesses. And here they are.

1. Workshop Ladushki. They produce hand-made toys from cotton, wool and paper.


2. Ironov created a logo for the IT distributor Mighty falcon. The customer's brief contained: "Mighty Falcon, IT, Dubai".


3. Logo for Vyatka Naladka. They have been providing services directly related to the provision of heat and water supply since 2017. The brief consisted of one word "heat".


4. Chatik world is an ecosystem of IT services and communities for travelers: a travel application, telegram communities, chat rooms and services for tourists.


5. Logo for the advocate association Glinka, Bessonov and Partners. Moscow Law Bureau, which deals with dispute resolution in court.


6. This logo was made by Ironov for the company Carpool 716. They are engaged in cargo transportation in the CIS countries. 


51511A selection of interesting logos. Issue #11