A selection of interesting logos. Issue #9

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Nikolay Ironov comes up with unique logos for all sorts of businesses. From the sprawling variety of options he offers to clients, they choose the most interesting ones for their businesses. And here they are.

1. Nikolay generated this logo for ISMS PRO. They have a management system which is geared towards protecting personal data and managing risks.


2. Asiameat is a butcher shop in Astana. Their brief was: "Food, Cuisine, Livestock, Cows, Beef, Premium, Meat, Oriental, Asia, Pastures, Smiles".


3. Goabey have been putting together and sending out Indian products to countries all over the world for many years.They are experts at navigating the specifics of customs in different countries, as well as the regulatory requirements in India and the country where the package is going to.


4. Build a Trampoline are manufacturers of... trampolines. Their brief of "trampoline, lightness, flight, space" provided Nikolay with just the right springboard to come up with their beautiful, bouncy new logo.


5. Front Point is an investment fund created to manage capital in the financial markets. The main goal of the fund is... yes, you’ve guessed it — to make a profit for their clients.


6. Nikolay created this beautiful logo for Northern Beer Hero, a craft beer brewery based in Israel. They asked Nikolay for something which would whet the appetite of beer geeks around the world. Here’s what Ironov served up.



51510A selection of interesting logos. Issue #9