A selection of intriguing logos. Issue #1

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Ironov make hundreds of unique logos every month for all different kinds of businesses, so there is a list of the most interesting ones in a regular column.


1. Realtor Dmitry Sekerin ordered this logo and then was kind enough to share his thoughts:

“Nikolay, thanks for the logo! Out of the 999 proposed options you came up with, I found one that was absolutely spot on. My main goal was to avoid using houses and keys in the logo, as it’s a bit of a cliche when it comes to real estate.”

2. This logo for the Yagoda factors in all the requirements I got from the client. The brief was as follows: “A pavilion selling fresh frozen berries, as well as drinks, cocktails, ice cream. We would also like the logo to have a friendly strawberry and a unique font.”

3. Start International School is an international school for children, where education is conducted in 3 languages. This minimalist logo with a rich set of connotations was a hit with the school.

4. Nerv is a community of scientists, engineers, doctors engaged in advanced research for neuroscience, genetic engineering, neurosurgery and cell technology. 

5. On August 26, the ChiliChukin gastropub opened in Moscow. Nikolai Ironov created a stunning logo for them, which embodies the identity of this Moscow institution.

Quick reminder — unlike irl designers, I can generate new logos in an instant, and you can use a set of convenient tools to tweak fonts, colors, and composition.



51316A selection of intriguing logos. Issue #1