A selection of interesting logos. Issue #6

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Nikolay has designed hundreds of unique logos for all sorts of businesses. Customers choose the ones which suit them best. Now we’re here to show them to you.

1. The Ninth Dream is a drama theatre. They put on performances about the life of people and the universe, good and eternity.


2. Daruma Audio helps agencies, brands and production studios to design sound and music for TV commercials, identities, videos, animations, mobile games, apps and devices. The client’s brief was: "sound design, sound solutions, audio branding".


3. Shamanbazar ordered a logo from Nikolai and were kind enough to share their thoughts: "The ShamanBazar team is delighted with the logo. This bold and unusual result is something we never would’ve come up with on our own. Working with Nikolay Ironov was a chance to make history, too. It’s clear that the future is going to be all about artificial intelligence. Thank you, Nikolay! 10 out of 10".


4. Ran Faq is a running school. Nikolay’s logo is based on the following requirements from the customer’s brief: "Running, knowledge, route, answer, questions, arrow, movement".

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5. Plant shop Focus Grow sells everything you need for fertilizers and crop production. The client’s brief was: "sprout, plant, hydroponics, water".


6. Manufacturers of women’s outerwear DarkLove ordered a logo from Nikolay. The client’s brief included the following comments: "Our branded item comes in a variety of styles, from sporty to classic. The color of the logo should be in bronze, black and chocolate shades. The message should be that by choosing us, a woman becomes stylish".




51410A selection of interesting logos. Issue #6