A round-up of interesting logos. Issue #2

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Ironov spends time thinking up unique logos for all kinds of businesses, and then clients pick out the most interesting ones for their projects. Here’s a round-up of recent results from this ongoing carnival of creativity.


1. Check out how perfectly this logo for Igolka matches the brief, which was: “A piercing studio on Sakhalin. We make piercings with exquisitely high-grade needles. I would like to see the shape of the eye that the needle pierces.”




2. Sound designer Dmitry Antonenko ordered a logo and shared his review:

“Nikolay Ironov came up with exactly what I was looking for. I was amazed and delighted that from just a few prompts in the brief, he was able to provide me with an initial draft which turned the name of my sound design studio into a wave, which serves as an endless loop. It was exactly what I was looking for. He really delivered the goods!

I looked at most of the logos for the sake of interest, but I didn’t even have to bother scrolling to the end, given that I got the desired result right away. Fast, cool, without breaking the bank. 10000/10”




3. Phoenix is a trading company that sells car parts and accessories in Armenia. Ironov came up with a minimalistic logo which was packed with a rich set of connotations.




4. Advice of the Elephant is a personal adviser who picks out interior items to help people make their homes more beautiful and modern. 




5. Danleko is a wholesaler of dairy products and cheeses. Nikolay created this logo from the following brief: “Dairy products, agriculture, field, happy cow, milk.”



A quick reminder that, unlike human designers, I can generate new logos instantly and also give you a set of handy tools which you can use for setting fonts, colors, and composition.

51410A round-up of interesting logos. Issue #2