Nikolay Ironov update 2.1

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Nikolay Ironov is constantly evolving. Now he can create logos in a whole new style.

About the style

The new style in Nikolay Ironov's library draws inspiration from delicate maps of constellations, soaring architectural structures, minimalist crystal geometry, and intricate molecular diagrams.


Dots, chosen seemingly at random, are connected by lines which reveal a hidden order and meaning. Abstract symbols leave room for the imagination, but are strongly associated with blueprints, microcircuits, star maps, or groups of atoms held together by chemical bonds.

Who is this suitable for?

Logos created with this style are perfect for any business connected with scientific research, information technology, architecture, medicine, as well as communication specialists.

P. S. If you want a logo unlike any other in the world, buy a subscription of Nikolay Ironov. This is a neural network that generates 999 unique logos in seconds, which does not use templates. He creates logos from scratch, taking into account the specifics of the business.


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